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21 mars, 2010
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26 mars, 2010
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Annette Kur at Counter Conference 2010

This is the second day of the Counter Conference where Amelia and I attend. Amelia is scheduled to participate in a panel debate later today with the title: ‘Three Strikes’: Regulatory Obligations on ISPs.

My impressions of the conference sofar was sort of mixed. I’ve made some uselfull contacts, and there’s been some interresting discussions. But most of the time the lobby and the academics seems to have been existing in separate bubbles next to each other without any real exchange.

But then enters Annette Kur to hold one of the most incredible presentation that I’ve listened to in quite a while. And everything that has transpired sofar pales in comparison. She’s not only spot on in her analysis of the situation, but presents it in a very no nonsense kind of way that leaves me wishing she would have been kept going for much longer.

I’ll definetly have to find out more about her background and research.

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  1. […] jag den stora glädjen att träffa kandidaterna Andrew Robinson, Tim Dobson och Graeme Lambert när jag och Amelia deltog på Counter konferensen i Manchester för några veckor sedan. Och även om man kan ha en del att säga om […]

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