I am running for the European Parliament, and this is how you can help me!

Just nu pågår mötet där EU-listan för piratpartiet spikas. Jag siktar på att toppa listan!
8 januari, 2019
Upphovsrättsdirektivet åker på storstryk i ministerrådet!
18 januari, 2019
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I am running for the European Parliament, and this is how you can help me!

End of May this year there will be elections for the European parliament, and I am running for the Swedish pirate party. We are currently holding an online assembly to elect our list, and I have good hopes that I will end up as our frontrunner. But getting on top of the list is just the first step of the journey. The real challenge is getting enough support to bring the Swedish pirates over the 4% electoral threshold. When we first entered the European parliament back in 2009 we received 7,1% of the votes, so it is clearly doable. But the last election we ended up with 2,2% of the votes, just a bit over half of the votes needed to get re-elected. So the aim of the game is to double up from the last election.

I am confident we can do it. And I am confident I am the right candidate to lead this campaign. But I need your help!

How can you help me win some elections that takes place in a far away country where people speak a weird language you ask? Well, there is plenty you can do:

Say my name! Talk about me in social media and tag me. Not once, but once every other day. The more I am mentioned the more people will find out who I am.Some of them might be Swedish voters. Or have friends who are Swedish voters. You never know.

boost my numbers! I have accounts on Twitter and Instagram. And an account on youtube is likely to pop up sooner or later as well. Follow them to increase the numbers. It always looks good with lots of followers. Especially if those followers are real people. And some of the stuff I post is interesting and/or funny. So it is a win-win 🙂

Like and share my stuff! I regularly post stuff in English on Twitter and on Facebook. Like and share it. Like my photos on Instagram. And if I write in Swedish? Well you can always translate it with some tool to see what it is about. And if it seems connected to the elections please share it! This will spread my reach and show people that I have support abroad.

Endorse me! Write an endorsement and post somewhere public. Tell the world how you know me and why I would be a great member of the European Parliament. Then tag me in it or direct me to it some other way so I can reuse it. I try to be a modest person and avoid bragging. I need you to do the bragging on my behalf! You don’t know me? Tell the world why you would want to know me!

Fund my campaign! We are perfectly fine with foreign campaign support in Swedish elections so if you have any money stashed away for a good cause this can be that cause. Any amount will help as I will have to pay most of my campaign out of my own pocket. Bear in mind though that I don’t accept any anonymous donations, so if you do contribute you will have to endure to get your name and the amount listed on my website. Contributions can be transferred to my account: IBAN: SE46 8000 0831 3953 4172 0901, BIC: SWEDSESS. Please mark the transfer ”eu election contribution” and your name.

Do me a favour! I have no idea about half the stuff I will need help me during the campaign. But odds are that a lot of it will be stuff that you can help out with even if you don’t speak any Swedish. Send me an email to euval@mab.nu and let me know what you can do to help me. Pretty much any kind of talent can come in handy one way or another. Surprise me with your skills!

But where to start? With so many things you can do to help me, how will you know what is most important? Well, that is pretty easy. The first thing you should do to help me is to share this post on all social medias you can find! And why not email the link to any friends you might have that you think could be interested to get involved while you are at it? The more the merrier!

Changing the world is a team sport. Please join my team!

Please follow and like us:

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